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A Demon's Heart

There once was a Demon
Mean and sublime
With delight he misled
Without any regret
Always aligned to his line

But then came a Human
Sad to the core
With delight he believed
Forgot pasts he grieved
And conveyed the Devil ardor

You were beguiled,
Foolish humanchild!
Demon grabbed the heart
Tore it apart
Aware it'd make poor human die

Mortal passed away
Caused the Demon to sway
He stood in the end
With a heart in his hand
Realized the child
Was not just his prey

Вот только почему Кай отнес этот стих к DIO+? Он был еще в 3й главе Rasetsukoku...
И снова эта гнетуще печальная атмосфера, за которую я так люблю автора

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